Learning Environment

Shannon Nursery School offers children room to grow and explore in a child-centered atmosphere where they have ample space and equipment to work and play indoors and outdoors. The children can engage in valuable quiet times with books, music, art, as well as relationships with other children and their parents. The parents of children in our program obtain an increased understanding of the preschool age group and their developmental abilities as well as a greater bond with their own child as they share their nursery school world.

The Red Room:
Creative Space and Imaginative Play

The Red Room is a place of wonder, imagination and creation. Here, the children can dress up in costumes and uniforms or play house and care for dolls. They can participate in different arts and crafts activities, and a paint easel and hand-made, non-toxic play dough is set up daily, as well. Along with a writing center, book corner and a puppet theatre, this room brings out the author, actor and artist in all the children!

The Yellow Room:
Snack and Circle Time

The Yellow Room is our snack and story room. The children are divided into small groups, and attend snack and story time each school day, led by one of the teachers. Parents provide a school-approved snack, which is offered to each child. Since the snack offered changes each day, children are exposed to a variety of foods. After clean up, children hear a story, sing songs, or share a special activity. The Three-Day program also uses this room for lunch and pre-kindergarten activities.

The Green Room:

Fine Motor Skills and Manipulatives

In the Green Room, children have the opportunity to build and create with an ever-changing variety of toys and playthings to increase dexterity development. Puzzles, blocks, Legos, train tracks, doll houses and our revolving science exhibit table are some of the items that help children improve and refine their fine motor skills - essential for learning to independently complete daily activities.

Outside Yard & Play Structure:

Large Motor Skills and Negotiation

Our play yard offers children a chance to expend their energies in a safe and supervised area. Along with our structure, we have a sand box, bicycles, scooters, balls, seesaws, balance beams and giant blocks to help develop their large motor skills. We also see the development of their socialization and negotiation abilities and how they learn team-building competence.


The yard is supervised at all times by no less than two adults, to ensure safe play and shared experiences. Our water table often holds bubbles, birdseed, dry rice or some form of tactile encounter for the children to investigate. Tricycles are provided daily on our concrete loop, with stops at the gas station and mailbox a favorite outing. Weather permitting, children have monitored hose and sand play access year-round. Sandy feet and hands often build castles and roads, dig holes or search for buried treasure!

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A non-profit, cooperative preschool providing quality early education to the children of Los Gatos, Campbell, San Jose, and Saratoga.

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